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SEATS Grad 2019

SEATS is the South East Asian Theological Schools, Inc. (formerly College of the Shepherds), a pastoral-training school established in 1986 for the purpose of preparing church leaders for effective ministry in the Philippines. It works primarily with churches affiliated with the Baptist Conference of the Philippines, International, but is open to all churches in need of training.

Schools of Mission are the primary way SEATS conducts its church-equipping ministry. SOMs are held in partnership with local churches in various parts of South East Asia.

SEATS currently offers programs at three levels:

Diploma of Ministry in Missional Ecclesiology
Master of Ministry in Missional Ecclesiology

Doctor of Ministry in Missional Ecclesiology.

Pre-COVID-19, SEATS conducted on-site classes in the Philippines (in Ortigas, Pasig City; in Molave, Zamboanga del Sur; and in Burias, Masbate), in Thailand, and in Denver, USA. The new pandemic-related requirements saw SEATS begin classes via Zoom in May 2020. Since then our course offerings and constituency has been expanded to include Filipinos in the Philippines, Thailand, the USA, and Canada.


SEATS Burias Courses Planned

Bishop Cesar Punzalan, Rev. Greg Azares, and Rev. Michael Fast met recently met together to finalise the classes for SEATS' new extension program in Burias, Masbate, Philippines. Courses will be held quarterly and will lead to a Master of Ministry in Missional Ecclesiology.

Second Property Purchase Deal Signed

Rev. Greg Azares and Rev. Michael Fast signed a Deed of Absolute Sale with USEC Ted Encarnacion and Engr. Roselle Santos last April to finalise the purchase of a second 500m2 lot in Pingkian, Quezon City. This property will be used for the Center for Diakonal Ministries that SEATS is constructing in Pingkian.

Center for Diakonal Ministries

SEATS is proud to announce it's partnership with the Daughters of Faith Lying In in forming its Center for Diakonal Ministries. Construction of the Center began in December 2015 and the Birthing Clinic opened in December 2016. Work on the 2nd floor Midwife's Residence will resume soon. The Pingkian Family Worship is currently using the 2nd floor for its bi-weekly Saturday gatherings. Fundraising for the Phase 3 Multipurpose Building, housing classrooms, offices, and a large multi-use space will begin soon.

Theology & Ordination in Philippine Context Schedule

As promised, here is the Schedule for the TOPC Class.

"Ordination and Theology in Philippine Context"

The class will run for 10-12 months and will consist of 3 days of classes each month. Based on the Baptist Conference of the Philippines' Affirmation of Faith, the class will examine each article in light of traditional evangelical theology and look at applications and contributions in the Philippine context.

The main homework of the course is that students will be required to write and defend their own personal statement of faith.

The class will culminate in SEATS' first Theological Forum, which will also serve, if possible, as the ordination council for the candidates.