Theology & Ordination in Philippine Context Schedule

As promised, here is the Schedule for the TOPC Class.

INTRO  &  BIBLIOLOGY  [Revelation]  <20-22  June  2012>  
THEOLOGY  PROPER  [God]  <18-20  July  2012>  
CHRISTOLOGY  [Lord  Jesus  Christ]  <22-24  August  2012>  
PNEUMATOLOGY  [Holy Spirit]  <19-21  September  2012>  
ANGELOLOGY  [Angels]  <10-12  October  2012>  
ANTHROPOLOGY  [Humanity]  <21-23  November  2012>  
HAMARTIOLOGY  [Sin]  <11-13  December  2012>  
SOTERIOLOGY  [Salvation]  <16-18  January  2013>  
ECCLESIOLOGY  [The  Church]  <20-22  February  2013>  
ESCHATOLOGY  [Last  Things]  <13-15  March  2013>  

The date for the First SEATS  Theological  Forum  is To Be Announced.

Classes are held at SEATS' Cubao campus, 2F MMBC Building, 670 EDSA,Cuba, Quezon City, Philippines.

Come and join us for discussion of God, the Bible, Culture and Theology in the Philippines!