Cesar V. P. Punzalan, III

Dr. Cesar V. P. Punzalan, III, D.Min., Ph.D. is SEATS' President and Chairman.

Bishop Cesar Vicente P. Punzalan, III is married to Darrah Jean Dalanon and together they have three grown daughters, Shelby Joy, Darcie Rae, and Cariel Hope. Bishop Punzalan has graduate degrees in pastoral studies and missions. He received his Doctor of Ministry from Bakke Graduate University in 2011 and Ph. D. in Applied Theology from Alliance Graduate School in 2015. He has served as a pastor, a church planter, a seminary professor, a national evangelical ministry leader, a senior manager among non-profit corporations, and an international conference speaker on leadership issues, evangelical missions, structural evil, and interfaith dialogues, for the last 30 years.

Current Positions

1. 2000 up t o the present, Presiding Bishop, Hope Christian Fellowship churches (BHCFTMI)
2. 2007 up to present, President, Nehemiah Development Project, a local ministry foundation.
3. 2004 up to the present, Chairman and President, South East Asian Theological Schools.
4. 2015 up to the present, Co-Convenor, Office of the Interfaith Relations, World Evangelical Alliance.
5. 2006 up to the present, faculty, Steward Leadership Development Center, Asian Theological Seminary, Manila, Philippines.

Previous Positions

1. 2013 up to 2015, Chairman, Board of Directors, Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches
2. 2007 up to 2013, Senior Deputy National Director, Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, Inc. (PCEC) and Philippine Relief and Development Services, Inc.
3. 2007 Chairman and President, Philippine Bible Society Inc.
4. 2006 Interim President, Asian Theological Seminary, Inc.
5. 1998 to 2008, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Baptist Conference of the Philippines, Inc.
6. 2006 up t0 2010, co-convenor, Church-Police-Military Liaison Committee on EKED (Extra Judicial Killings and Enforced Disappearances), working with PNP and AFP
7. 2004-2005 Vice Chairman, Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, Inc.
8. 2004 Chairman, National Interfaith Consultative Committee, Inc.
9. 2004-2006 member, Convenor’s group, Interfaith Commission, with OPAPP, working with global and regional interfaith dialogue.
10. 1985 to 1997, pastor Metro Manila Bible Community, member of Baptist Conference of the Philippines, Inc.


Bachelor of Ministry 1990 College of the Shepherds

Certificate in Cross Cultural Studies 1994 Asian Theological Seminary

Master of Pastoral Studies 1996 South East Asian Theological Schools, Inc.
(Major in Leadership)

Master of Divinity 1997 Asian Theological Seminary
(Major in Missions)


Doctor of Ministry Bakke Graduate University
(Major in Global Leadership)

Doctor of Philosophy Alliance Graduate School.
(Major in Interdisciplinary Studies)


Unpublished Papers and Dissertations
1. June 2011, An Inquiry for a Functional Model of Next Generation Leadership Empowerment and Succession Planning for the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches. A dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Bakke Graduate University, with high distinction for oral defense.
2. March 19, 2015, Leadership Journey, Challenges and Succession: A Descriptive Analysis of the Tendero Stewardship at the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches in the Years 1993-2015. A dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Alliance, Graduate School, Manila, Philippines.

Published Papers and Book
3. November 21, 2005 Engagement. Ministry Digest, Manila, Philippines
4. March 5, 2006, Truth-Telling and the Church. Ministry Digest, Manila, Philippines.
5. May 9, 2006, Tribalism and Assimilation versus Engagement. Ministry Digest, Manila, Philippines.
6. May 15, 2006, Shaping the Future Through Engagement. Ministry Digest, Manila, Philippines.
7. June 15, 2006. Servanthood. Ministry Digest, Manila, Philippines.
8. August 1, 2006, Engaging Our Faith in the Public Square. Ministry Digest, September-October 2006 Issue, Manila, Philippines.
9. October 15, 2006, Inner Spirituality Engaging Outer Realities. Ministry Digest, November-December 2006 Issue, Manila, Philippines.
10. February 2016, PCEC @ 50 (1965-2015) One Master, One Message, One Mission. Church Strengthening Ministry, Manila, Philippines.

Bishop Punzalan is also the presiding Bishop of Hope Christian Fellowship.